For Love of Home For Love of Home

About For Love of Home

A lifelong passion for objects of art was crystalized during Catherine's years at Architectural Digest where she was beguiled by the most irresistible things from around the world. Later, Catherine began placing irresistible things in the homes of friends until one day, when buying a Murano vase in South Hampton, she decided on a whim to buy objects on her travels and sell them from her poolside cottage—For Love of Home was born. Now years later, Catherine creates rooms of beauty and style, and accents them with irresistible things, of course!

Catherine's penchant for the intimate and serene is evident—this she believes finds its roots in an Eastern spiritual aesthetic that has been part of her life and work for decades.

A more recent inspiration is Catherine's appreciation for Chinese principles of balance and energy that makes its way into consideration when she positions furniture and objects; and once in awhile in keeping with the tradition, hanging crystals or protective foo dogs will be introduced.